We can file documents in every State court in California.

To remain competitive in this era of information technology, Peter With r.p.s. has partnered with LegalConnect, a premier e-filing service provider. This partnership has enabled us to provide our clients with comprehensive electronic information services with the click of a button.

Most courts in the Greater Bay Area now require mandatory e-filing. We can get your documents filed by whatever method the courts require.

It is our objective to be positioned so that when statewide court e-filing is a reality, your office will already be comfortable with the process. When all state courts are on-line and requiring e-filing we are capable of providing your office the means by which documents are served and filed in any State court.

Status on service of process and court filings are easily viewable on our portal at any time. As the last courts transition to e-filing, your office will be able to do so using our e-filing service, assisted or without assistance.