In 1982 Peter With started his career as a process server in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1992 he moved to San Francisco, CA where he has continued to work diligently at building his process serving business and reputation.

Peter With r.p.s. LLC is a boutique attorney service company located in San Francisco, California.

Peter With r.p.s. LLC provides legal support services to law-firms, attorneys, and the general public in the most efficient manner to complete all jobs large or small. We accept most types of assignments and we like challenges.

It does not matter if your assignment is in the San Francisco Bay Area or across the United States or Canada - we have the resources, connections, and tools to get your job done.

We and our associates specialize in process serving, court services, writ services, county recording services, and research and skip tracing for locating those hard to find individuals.

Our e-filing platform is powered by LegalConnect and supports all available e-courts in California. Our e-recording platform is powered by CSC and is nationwide.

Our rates are competitive and fair.

Note: we can never guarantee a serve. We can guarantee that we will work hard for you.

Contact us:
Peter With r.p.s. LLC
828 Franklin St Ste 802
San Francisco, CA 94102
Toll-free: 833-440-2888
Direct: 415-440-1888